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Foil Sculpting

Foil sculpting initially began as a challenge between Red Dot Sculpture artists Richard McKown and Douglas Shaw Elder to see what could be done with this utilitarian medium to push the boundaries of creativity. They then began to challenge others to explore their own creativity with a single sheet of foil.

The concept of foil sculpting as a group “art activity” was developed as a way for individuals to express themselves while adding to a larger community collective.

Foil as a material is accessible to everyone; its low cost makes it attainable and the familiarity of the material makes it much less intimidating than “traditional” artistic mediums.

With this idea in mind, foil sculpting has been included as a free visual arts activity at almost every Firehouse Art Center event since 2009. Following successful participation in the activity at the Firehouse, foil sculpting was further developed and used as a creative team building activity, led by Red Dot artist Douglas Elder, during the 2012 Sarkeys Southwest Regional Conference. During the conference, business leaders around the state were able to experience first hand the power of creativity and innovation beyond the arts realm, through participation in foil sculpting.