Samo Ducky

Create. Innovate. Play.

& RED DOT SCULPTURE is an online creative hub for Red Dot Sculpture's community visual arts projects and partnerships. The concept of 'Samo' (pronounced either sam-o or same-o) is rooted in the idea of producing the "same old thing," but reinventing it to become something entirely new and unique.

Since 2007, Red Dot has produced creative projects such as The Green Wave, the Samo Ducky Project, and Innovative Foil Sculpting, through partnerships with non-profit art agencies and educational institutions in Oklahoma's Norman and metro-area communities.

Community Projects & Events

2013 | String Bridge. State of Creativity Forum.
2012 | Stage Sculpture. TEDxOU.
2011 | Foil Installation, Conference Centerpiece. State of Creativity Forum.
2011 | Samo Ducky. 4ft Sculpture. Lions Park, Norman, OK.
2009 | Team Building with Foil Sculpting + Presentation on Creativity, Innovation, and Play. Sarkeys Southwest Regional Leadership Conference.
2008 | Samo Ducky. 7ft Sculpture. Lions Park, Norman, OK.
2008 | Olivia. Sculpture. Lions Park, Norman, OK.
2008 | Green Wave. Sculpture. Lions Park, Norman, OK.
2007 | The Green Wave. Community Project. Firehouse Art Center, Norman, OK.
2007 - Present | Art Wall - public mural rotates every 6 months. Firehouse Art Center, Lions Park, Norman, OK.